Tanning at SunKiss'D Tanning

Welcome to indoor tanning, from Sunkiss'd Tanning Salon. We are dedicated to educating you about the responsible, life-long skin-care regimen of smart tanning for those of you that can develop a tan and avoiding sunburn. Always remember the Golden Rule of Smart Tanning- Don't EVER Sunburn!

You are welcome to stop by our salon and talk to one of our staff about skin typing and setting up an appointment for tanning. We will help you develop a plan that will allow you to receive that great looking tan. We can help you keep your tan all year long without having to worry about the weather outside.

TAN SMART- What you need to remember

  • Avoid Sunburns -Sunburns cause damage to your skin. You don't need to burn first to get a tan

  • Know your Skin Type - Do you burn easily?

  • Always use sunscreen outdoors.

  • Use sunglasses outdoors and sun goggles when tanning indoors. The state of Iowa is a regulated state which means that we are inspected yearly and customers are required to wear eye protection. We have the required and proper eyewear at the salon ready for you to purchase.

  • Know your medications - Some medications can cause reactions with ultraviolet rays.

  • Always use a lotion when tanning. Tanning lotion accelerates your tan. They also help to maintain and make your tan look better. Moisturizers help prevent dry skin and help maintain your tan.

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